Our first brittany was a beautiful orange and white female named Ann.  
She came to live with us in 1989.  Even though Ann was only 5 months
old, before I left for the Gulf.  She was pointing and retrieving with no
training.  During the time I was gone something bad happened.  Our
back yard was broken into.  Some thing's were stolen.  And apparently
Ann got in the way and was whipped with a broom or something that
look like a gun.  For when I returned and took her hunting she would
still point.  But when she got sight of the gun she ran away.  Even
though we loved Ann I wanted a dog I could hunt.  I tried to help Ann
over her shyness but I couldn't.  She was given a great home with a
family in Washington DC.  After that we had many other dog's.  But
none seemed to be right for our family.  Then about 4 years ago we
brought another brittany.  She became part of our family.  A good
hunting partner, her name was Callie.  With Callie our kennel has
started to grow.  We currently have 4 brittany's and each one of them
is a big part of our family.  They have all been easy to train and they
all hunt with us.  A day hunting with our dog's is one of the best thing's
I can think of.
Even though there are many good breeds of dog's we think that the
brittany is the best.   A great family companion and great with kids/
So I guess you could say Ann started our obsession with brittanys.  All
those years ago.  It continues to become even stronger.  The more
brittanys we own the more we love them.
Why we love
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